2014 Summer Retreat

Take a look at our retreat album!

This year, the retreat focused on the meaning of life and wisdom. The reading of the bible was the book of Ecclesiastes.

At Elder's farm


We had great meals, tomato picking experience, and passionate sermons (Thank you, Pastor Choi). Paula lead the praise before the meetings, and all of us spent hours of bible study.

Midnight Snack

Late at night, we played board games and ate Ramen for a midnight snack. Chahn and Paulina prepared the snacks and it was awesome good!

Getty Center

A trip to Getty Center was interesting. We looked at different forms of art that triggered our imaginations.

Getty Center 2

The book of Ecclesiastes had many difficult concepts. Here are some of our thoughts about what Ecclesiastes tried to say.

Don’t spend time on things that disappear; spend it on keeping his commandments for an everlasting reward. (Paula Choi)  Everything is meaningless and will eventually vanish. But believe in God & Jesus Christ, and you will receive the most valuable thing in the universe, the eternal life. (Chahn Lee)  Although both good and evil people both lead up to the same fate, time and chance is what ultimately decides life’s outcome; so live and enjoy your life to the fullest.(Chris Hu)  Don’t let an obsession drive you towards evil, but allow God’s plan to lead you towards faith and certitude. (Penny Wang)  Have faith in God and he will create a perfect plan for you. (Youra Bae)  Always have faith in God for he has prepared a plan us all already and try not to focus on the things that will eventually go bye-bye.  (Bailey Lu)  Everything happens under God’s plan whether good or bad and trust in The Lord with all your heart for a promising eternal life.  (Paulina Choi)

After Retreat

Paula: The retreat was great in the sense that it let me grow spiritually in such a short amount of time.
Chahn: I learned a lot from the retreat, and it was fun! – and of course, it surely was meaningful! B)
Chris: The retreat was really fun and I had a great time, but what impacted me the most was how it made me feel so connected to god and his words :DDD
Penny: Oh my gosh, the retreat was the bomb. I really enjoyed listening and opening my heart out for God’s words and developing a stronger attachment towards our holy Father.
Youra: It made me think twice about God’s plans and my plans. It was also nice to spend some time with my friends while learning about God’s message.
Bailey: It was truly an experience that I will never forget and I feel as if I am that much closer to God.
Pulina: This retreat has widened my knowledge on God, of his love, mercy, and of his indescribable power!


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