Movie Social

After spending a long week either in summer school, work, or on the road, Sprinklers members were delighted to take a break and go watch a movie. Although we originally planned to watch “Jurassic World,” we decided to switch to the newest Disney-Pixar animation, “Inside-Out.”



The movie “Inside-Out” is  about five  emotions- Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust- living in 11 year old Riley’s head. It’s a moving story about how you allow your experiences to shape who you are deep down, and also how it’s all right to be that person and to let your heart pursue whatever makes you happiest. It’s also about how your life experiences aren’t shaped solely by one emotion, but how all of them have a hand in creating who we ultimately become as a person. The movie sure did bring uncontrollable tears into our eyes.

2015-06-27 09.08.49

After finishing the movie, we headed off to In-n-Out to satisfy our grumbling stomachs and socialized with one another.

2015-06-27 09.08.18


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