Welcoming Tony&Thomas

Tony and Thomas came to visit our church. They attended the church several years ago, and we were excited to see them again!! So, we decided to celebrate their visit by going to the beach! YAY!
KakaoTalk_20140608_184653062 KakaoTalk_20140608_184708645 KakaoTalk_20140608_185811965

We covered Youra with sand – trying to make her into a mermaid (or a sea turtle..?) KakaoTalk_20140608_192014124 KakaoTalk_20140608_192019702 KakaoTalk_20140608_184643769

Photos taken at church before leaving for the beach – Penny, Chris, and Bailey joined us, too!
1-IMG_8572 1-IMG_8578
Group Photo πŸ˜€
1-IMG_8579 1-IMG_8582 1-IMG_8583
Playing “λ¬΄κΆν™”κ½ƒμ΄ν”Όμ—ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€.”
1-IMG_8585 1-IMG_8589 1-IMG_8592 1-IMG_8597 1-IMG_8599 1-IMG_8606 1-IMG_8607


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