b e a c h d a y : o p e r a t i o n SPRINKLERS


I remember asking our beloved leader and everyone’s sister, Minyoung Unni, about the reasoning behind our youth group name, “Sprinklers.” I always went along with the name, but realized that I should ask, since it seemed to have no relevance to our faith. She replied, “It’s an affectionate term to relate to how we, as Christians, should spread the word of God. Like Sprinklers!” I reacted in short and sweet way to express my liking for the term, and meaning. But through this complicated  journey through adolescence, I realized that our little tiny group had much more than just the links of friendship and faith.




On the way with the Bae.

August 15th, 2015 was the day that our little group from Hacienda Heights ventured out into the wide open state of sunny California. It was our 630th activity that we went on together (I don’t think that’s an exaggeration)! The sweltering weather soared to peaks of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and our energetic bodies demanded more than just the air conditioning of our famous soccer mom car. 

We arrived at Bolsa Chica state park/ beach with sweaty backs and greeted the sand with excitement. The cool breeze urged us to plunder ourselves into the cold, refreshing water. So, we eagerly threw on our swimsuits and dived into the briny ocean.

2015-08-15 22.13.26

All participants of the Bolsa Chica beach day swam together and cheered one another on as we boogie-boarded well enough to put the neighboring 5 year-olds to shame (sorry not sorry boys and girls). Chris rode the waves like a seasoned Hollister model with no issue, and Chahn put the many dolphins in an awkward position, since he seemed to glide gracefully like the foamy waters below him. The girls? They didn’t fare as well… But nonetheless, all happy teenagers drank enough sea water to crave In-N-Out like no tomorrow.

After junk food round 1, (actually 2, we had Jack’s) we headed to Elder Kang’s dainty little farm in Chino to learn about our foundation and core of our group- the Gospel. We held our service, and proceeded onto praising our Heavenly Father above. And of course, we all joked around like our usual selves, and created a new instrument (?), the Chahn. But being teens, our night didn’t seem to be complete.

Logically, we headed to Guppy House for some cold sweets that would give 490 people diabetes. The cool shaved ice helped balance out the tear-jerking chicken we had at the farm. The brick toast satisfied everyone as well, mostly to Simone.

Simone's favorite sweet. Aside from her husband, of course ^u^.

Simone’s favorite sweet. Aside from her husband, of course ^u^.

We demolished this work of art.

We demolished this work of art.

We lengthened our night as we cracked jokes endlessly about our quirky selves, especially about our… unique friend Youra. We seemed to sit there for so long, but what does time matter when you’re having so much fun?


The whole group (minus Cindy </3) in it’s beauty.



We may be a group of only two numerical digits, but our faith and love for God and one another is in an amount that couldn’t be explainable in earthly words. We hold something so dear that differentiates ourselves from any other group of friends, colleagues, or families. We have faith. Many people ask about what the benefits are from being a believer. I guess one thing that we can say on that topic is, we hold a bond that others won’t understand, because it’s so close and centered around God. We’re certain in our faith in Christ, and that gives us the chance to be certain in our trust and affection for each other in HKMC. Should that alone be enough to suffice for our group?


Most definitely.


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